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! 263ft Hybrid-Alt Electric DynaRig Trimaran 80M - Aegir 2.0

! 263ft Hybrid-Alt Electric DynaRig Trimaran 80M - Aegir 2.0

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This New Design Concept by Legendary Yacht Designer Group, Tillberg Designs, is an Eco-Friendly Sailing Yacht. Features Luxurious Accommodations such as an Aft Infinity Pool with a Jacuzzi in the Front, which can Transform into a Full Deck Perfect for Hosting Parties. Her Interior can be all Customizable, working closely with the Designers and Shipyard for what the Owner wants. Some of the Equipment she can hold is 1 Expedition Rescue Rib, 1 Landing Craft, 1 Electric Luxury Tender, 1 Submarine, and 2 Jet-skis. 


Her Sailing and Rig Allow for High Average speeds, Great Performance, and Economic / Environmental Savings. Due to her Dacron Sails, she is Harnessing Wind Power to reduce Fuel Costs and Emitting Lower Carbon Emissions. She Features a Modern Single Control Panel which Controls the Entire Ship's Rig and can be Operated by One Person. All Sails can be Set in 7 Minutes and Tracking within 90 Seconds.

The Carbon Masts are Freestanding, the Curved Yards being attached rigidly to the masts. To Adjust the Angle of the Sails, the Entire Mast Rotates in Place. When Fully Deployed, the Sails on each Mast have no gaps between them, Creating a Single Panel to Capture the Wind. This Concept has been Proven to Work Very well on Other Large Sailing Yachts.

Sustainability is a Huge Part of this Build. Aegir 2.0 Features Hybrid Propulsion Engines & the Latest Tech to lower her Environmental Impact.

Allowing safe, high average speeds in ocean conditions with less heel under sail than conventional rigs, the Dynarig’s performance assets are matched by its efficiency, economic and environmental savings whi- le harnessing wind power to reduce fuel costs. With less expensive Dacron sails and emitting lower carbon emissions, the Dynarig of the 21st century is an idea whose time has come.

The modern controller for the entire ship’s rig consists of a single panel operated by a single person. Sails are trimmed by automation. All sails can be set in 7 minutes. Tacking can be done within 90 seconds. The sail area is subdivided into smaller lesser-loaded sails and they can be set or furled by pushing a button.


The Carbon masts are freestanding, the curved yards being attached rigidly to the masts. To adjust the ang- le of the sails, the entire mast rotates in place. When fully deployed, the sails on each mast have no gaps between them, creating a single panel to capture the wind.

The concept is now proven on sailing yachts Maltese Falcon & Black Pearl.




With an infinity pool in the aft and jacuzzi in the front, the pool deck becomes the main platform for occupants to savor. The indoor/outdoor area has a seamless transition with a grand panoramic glass surrounding the whole lounge and dining and giving the guests limitless sea view. An open- air viewing platform with bar and lounge seating adds to the unique exterior experience elevated from main deck. Clean sleek hull lines serves as a base for the grand Dynarig.


The element that gives the central character to the design is the black band that wraps around the hull creating a trimaran hull. A unique aesthetic element creating the possibility of increased open deck areas compared to a mono hull



Scandinavian design is a design movement characterised by simplicity and minimalism. Combining functionality with beauty and attention to details. Subtle hues of colors mixed with the organic and light, natural materials. Focus on simple lines and creating spacious rooms with generous bright light openings to feel inviting to the outside world while relaxing in a cosy calm interior.

Accommodations for 14 Overnight Guests and 16 Crew


  • Eco-friendly materials and local suppliers where possible. 
  • Recyclable material for the future
  • Incorporating previously recycled materials
  • Selecting sustainably sourced raw material
  • Maintain a clean hull
  • Using an eco-friendly anti-fouling agent to reduce drag and avoid species transfer Protect Biodiversity
  • Anchor in sandy areas or docking to a collective mooring field
    Prevent the introduction of chemicals and foreign species into the water
  • Minimize sound pollution


  • Sustainability can be viewed in many ways these days. It is not only introduction of hybrid propulsion engines and the latest tech that combine battery and alternative fuel to lower the yacht environmental impact.
  • An eco-friendly yacht is also cleverly configured, uses local and earth-friendly alternatives for materials, respects the crew, and provides a peaceful place.
  • Available as Hybrid Propulsion Diesel Electric or Fuel Cell Technology




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